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  • Associate of Applied Science in Music Business, Performance and Technology (Austin Community College, 2015- 2017)

  • 2 Years Studying Music Education (Del Mar College, 2011-2013)

  • 7 Years Performing Solo and with Bands

  • Over 10 Years Playing Multiple Instruments

Photo by OCD Productions
Kera's Teaching Style

Kera begins the teaching process by learning what the student's goals are and molding a lesson plan to fit those specific needs. Some students prefer a classical approach, while others prefer to focus on pop songs or more modern styles like rock or jazz. We can explore many different styles as we learn.

With her degree in music, Kera has taught group classes, summer camps, private lessons, and has recorded in several professional studios. She also enjoys recording original music in her home studio. Singing on stage with her band After Aristotle is Kera's greatest passion! She can teach you how to be an integral part of a band and play along to your favorites!


Sessions consist of following: lesson plans, learning student picked compositions, inspiring and encouraging creative abilities, warm-up and strengthening exercises, learning proper technique, listening exercises, composition skills, scales, fingerings, chords, confidence, vocal technique and more!

Kera specializes in working with ages 5-16 but has experience working with students as young as 3 and as "experienced" as 65. She enjoys working with all ages!


About Kera...

Kera Krause is a musician, teacher and creative artist based out of Austin, TX. Kera has always been a passionate vocalist, claiming she started singing when she learned to talk.

Kera played clarinet and saxophone from middle school all the way through college, earning many honors and competing in every competition she could. During these years Kera advanced to region band, was alternate to state and finally became drum major.  


Upon graduating high school, Kera studied music education, performance and recording for over five years in college. (Austin Community College and Del Mar College) She played in numerous ensembles, including jazz, rock and concert bands. She studied under talented professors to learn clarinet, saxophone, ukulele and piano. In 2017, Kera earned her Associate's of Applied Science Degree in Music Business, Performance and Technology from Austin Community College. 

As a singer, Kera has gathered experience from her classical training as well as singing with multiple ensembles over the years. Kera's approach to singing is all about protecting the voice, building confidence and finding a singer’s natural, powerful voice!

Kera has taught lessons privately and through a school in Austin for two and a half years. She embraces different learning styles and finds ways to keep students engaged while learning efficiently.

With her diverse background in learning music, Kera has a great appreciation for many genres. She loves playing everything - jazz, folk, indie, classical, acoustic, rock, pop and even electronic music. In her original music, Kera leans towards singer/songwriter, pop, electronic and rock music.

Currently, Kera performs with Austin rock band After Aristotle. The band has released two EPs, with a third in the works and toured regionally. As someone who performs on stage a lot, Kera feels  this has given her unique insight into teaching students about stage presence and developing confidence to perform. At the end of the day, Kera's goal is to get students on stage, writing music or playing with other musicians all while having a great time! 


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